Terrain Navigator Pro Free Trial

We invite you to try Terrain Navigator Pro (TNP) without any obligation before your purchase with a free 7-day subscription. A credit card is NOT required to sign up; this is a truly free trial and not a post-paid subscription you need to cancel.

Your free 7-day trial subscription provides (nearly) unrestricted access to TNP’s robust mapping platform combining built-in topographic maps and aerial photos with easy-to-use mapping tools, for anywhere you work synchronized on desktop, web, and mobile devices.

TNP features include:

  • Topographic, aerial, satellite, terrain contour, and street maps of the United States -- accessible off-the-grid.
  • Annotations of labels, marks, symbols, lines, polygons, and routes to your base maps.
  • Quick and easy measurements of areas and distances.
  • Cloud-based projects for web and mobile device access.
  • Printing of high-quality, true-to-scale maps of any size.
  • Export/Import of layers, maps, and selected metadata in popular formats.
  • Track colleagues’ positions and share data in near-real-time*
  • Add private property lines, landowner names, and parcel numbers*

The 7-day free trial provides access to all base maps for a single state (selected during registration); additional states cannot be accessed during a trial subscription. The trial is unavailable on desktops running TNP (current or previous versions). The trial will expire automatically after 7 days - there is no need to “cancel” anything. The trial cannot be extended; however, a subscription (for 90-days or one year) can be purchased at any time during or after the trial expires. All projects created during the free trial will be accessible upon purchase of a subscription.

*All maps, photos, and features of the software (within the selected geographic area) are available during the trial, with the exception of the three optional add ons: TNP for teams (team tracking), premium private land ownership data, and the sites add-on (for importing DXF drawings and other engineering format base maps).

For support or sales information, please call 1-800-627-7236 or TNPsupport@trimble.com.

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