TNP Mobile App

The TNP mobile app allows professionals to collect markers, tracks, and geo-stamped photos in the field, and then sync all the GPS data into the Terrain Navigator Pro office software.

Features include:

  • Display and navigate routes created on the TNP desktop.
  • Collect field data (markers, tracks, photos, videos, audio clips) in areas without a cellular or data signal.
  • Near real-time sync between phone and TNP map software via Wifi or cellular data connection.
  • View data on topo, aerial, and street maps (maps can be pre-downloaded to the phone for offline use.)
  • Access a compass and other geo-information such as lat/long, elevation, and direction on the phone.
  • Collect data off-grid and offline. The TNP mobile app uses the GPS built into smartphones, so professionals can collect field data in areas without a cellular or data signal.

TNP for Teams Features:

  • Team tracking with complete visibility of the location of all team members on the mobile.
  • Each mobile can set a status message or send an SOS with the position.
  • Team collaboration on projects – view and contribute to projects that are part of a team’s data collection efforts.