Terrain Navigator Pro Subscriptions start at $240.00 per person for access to each State or Region for an entire year. Add additional States for $240.00 per person per State/Region. Subscribe to 5 or more states for $1200 per person per year.

Additional Add-Ons:

  • Add Premium Ownership private land plat maps by State, including boundaries, assessor’s parcel number (APN) and ownership information for over 85% of the US for an additional $120.00 per person per State.
  • Add Sites to import drone imagery, CAD designs, high resolution imagery, building site plans, and more for an additional $240 per person. A Sites Add-on will work with all active state base subscriptions.

The team tracking and collaboration features of Terrain Navigator Pro for Teams are automatically enabled by extending your subscription to two or more team members. System administrators can increase the number of team members if multiple people in the organization use TNP.

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New Subscriptions:

Subscription Pricing is available by named user on a per State/Region basis and includes download access for registered users to software, map layers, and optionally premium content.

State/Region Subscription: $240.00 per title per named user per year.

Optional Add-ons:

 Premium Ownership: $120.00 per title per named user; requires an active subscription.

 Sites: $240 per person and covers all active states.

 TNP for Teams: Share team locations and map activities when you purchase a subscription with two or more users.


Customers at versions prior to 11.0 are encouraged to purchase new subscriptions.

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